In the Uprising series, Ugo Schiavi takes over bits of statues that he chooses in the public space by using the techniques of imprint and moulding. Most of the time he gets help from a partner in crime who will 'lay » an arm or a foot on a specificpart before the artist immortalises the strange encounter between the two body fragments: one contemporary and alive, and the other frozen in history. The artist describes the opération as « vandal moulding » as it requires a certain level of organisation and great speed in order to avoid some represen-tative of the authorities putting an end to it, even though the intervention has no consequences one the public monument.Back to the studio, he pours concrete into the mould which can only be used once. Therefore the resulting sculptures operates like a shift which would be turning of a monument designed to last through the years into a fragile fragment of solidified present time

Gaël Charbau


Born in 1987 in Neuilly-sur-Seine. Lives and works in Marseille, France.


2010 - 2011              
DNSEP VILLA ARSON - Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Art, Nice

2006 - 2009            
DNAP VILLA ARSON - Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Art, Nice


Uprising, The Pill gallery, Istanbul, Turquie

Rebuscadores de oro, El Parche, Bogota, Colombia

Battlefiel, The Little Red Shcool house, Eden, North Carolina, USA                    
Z (avec Ken Sortais), Usine Utopik, Tessy-sur-vire, Normandie, France

Face Nord, SNAP gallery, Lyon, France

Looters will be shot (avec Thomas Teurlai), Galerie de la Marine, Nice, France


Prix des ateliers de la ville de Marseille, Friche belle de Mai, Marseille
Scabellon, Galerie Double V, Marseille

Memento, Galerie Double V, Marseille                     
EDEN, Aperture gallery, New York                    
Une Inconnue d'Avance, Villa Emerige, Paris                    
Generosity, galerie XPO, Paris                    
Dogwood, Cité Internationale Des Arts, Paris

Ad Hoc, La station, Nice                    
Seine Saint-Denis Style, G8, Cité Des Arts, Paris                    
Premières Lignes, Hotel des Arts, Toulon                    
Gestalt, MAMAC, Nice

Des corps compétents, Villa Arson, Nice                    
Saison 17, Lieu Commun, Toulouse                    
Festinova, Tbilissi, Géorgie                    
Festival des arts éphémères, Marseille

Sunshine and Precipitation, Catalyst Arts, Belfast, Irlande                    
L?enclave, HLM, Marseille                   
WATT , La Station, Nice

Young and Restless, Vidéochroniques, Marseille                     
Demain c'est loin, Villa Arson, Nice


04-05 2016   
Dos Mares/ El Mentidero, Bogota, Colombie

09/10 2015   
Usine Utopik, Tessy-sur-vire, Normandie, France

02/05 2015   
PLAC, Toulon, France

2013/ 2014   
Cité internationale des Arts, Paris

08/09 2013   
Villa Garikula, Tbilissi, Géorgie          

La Station, Nice, France

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